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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This IvCalStore Interface has been deprecated, use the pim_IRecordStore Interface. This function creates/adds a Event,Todo,Journal component record in the IvCalStore data store of type specified in the pObject. An Event, Todo etc may be associated with some time zone. This time zone object should be attached to the Event, Todo object by user so that the API can store time zone information corresponding to an Event. If the user doesn't attach the time zone information along with event, the timezone information would not be stored. The record number or Object ID (OID) would be returned back to the user.
[in] The IvCalStore Interface pointer.
[in] Pointer to an object to be saved.
[out] The returned OID of record added.
  •    int IvCalStore_AddObject(IvCalStore   *pIvCalStore,                            
                                IvCalObject  *pObject,
                                AEEVProperty *pnAEEPropertyOID);
  • AEE_SUCCESS : If the object stored successfully. AEE_EBADPARM : If invalid parameters are passed. AEE_ENOMEMORY : If there is not enough memory available AEE_ENOTALLOWED: If database is locked. AEE_EPRIVLEVEL : If no proper privileges. AEE_EFAILED : Otherwise.
Side Effect
  • None
App can add an event, todo, journal component object to calendar store. If app receives an entire calendar object, it has to get the individual vEvent, vToDo , vJournal, vTimeZone objects from the calendar object and add them one by one using this API. There can be a time zone associated with a specific event. App has to attach the time zone component to that event object and provide it to calendar store. If the event has a time zone component attached , store would store timezone otherwise not. AEEPRIVID_vCalStoreWrite privilege is required to Add some calendar information in calendar store.