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Items marked as deprecated have been replaced by a more powerful, alternative feature. Deprecated interfaces include a reference to the replacement interface, which should be used for all new application development. Deprecated features are still supported for backward compatibility, but should be avoided when developing new applications.
Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
IVFSNODE_GetData() for a full description of this function
This function will be called whenever IVFSNODE_GetData is called on the associated node. It allows the model to create the node data on-the-fly (e.g. for a random number interface).
  • po
    Pointer to the IVfsNodeModel interface object
  • node
    Pointer to the associated node.
  • pType
    A pointer to the data type required
  • pObj
    The address of a data area which will be set by this call to contain the data
  • pSize
    The address of an integer which may be set to the size of data
   int IVFSNODEMODEL_GetNodeData( IVfsNodeModel * po, IVfsNode * node, AEECLSID * pType, void * pObj, int * pSize )
   SUCCESS - the call has been completed successfully.
   EUNSUPPORTED - the model does not handle this call. The standard call will be used instead.
   other   - the model DOES handle the call, but it failed for some reason. The error code
             will be returned immediately to the user.
This function MAY be omitted from the model. The inline accessor function checks if the function has been defined.
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