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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This method may be used to set the data held by an IVFSNODE. Please note that many Vfs nodes are read-only, and that this call will return EFAILED if used on them.
Pointer to the IVfsNode interface object
The remainder of the path to the desired node.
The type of data presented by pObj. The model should check if that is a supported data type.
The address from which the data may be copied.
The size of data held at pObj
  •    int IVFSNODE_SetData( IVfsNode * node, VfsPath path, AEECLSID type, const void * pObj, int size )
  •    SUCCESS - the call has been completed successfully.
       EMEMPTR - pObj is NULL
       EBADPARM - the size is incorrect for this type of data.
       EINVALIDFORMAT - The node does not handle data with class id 'type'
       EBUFFERTOOSMALL - The node's data space is too small to contain the presented data.
Side Effect
  • Nodes may be created (by IVfsCacheContainers) in order to satisfy this request. If a new interface pointer is stored into an interface node, the old interface is IBase_Release()d and the node AddRef()s the new interface pointer.
This is a complex function, best descibed by pseudocode. First the path is checked. * If at the end of the path, then _this_ node should be set. * Otherwise: * if this node is a container, the call is passed on to the appropriate child node (one whose name matches path[0]) with the first element of the path stripped. * if this node is NOT a container, the call fails with ENOSUCH If type is NOT a type handled by this node, then the call fails with EINVALIDFORMAT If the node contains integer or interface data, and the size value is incorrect (i.e. not sizeof(int) or sizeof(IBase*) as appropriate), then EBADPARM is returned. If the node contains string or byte data, and the data being set is larger than the storage space allocated in the node, then EBUFFERTOOSMALL is returned. The data buffer size may be read with the IVFSNODE_BufferSize() call. The data accepted depends on the type of data held by the node: Data type pObj cast from Code snippet ----------- -------------------------- -------------- ------------------------------------- integer AEEIID_VFS_INTEGER_DATA int * int i; pObj = (const void*)&i; string AEEIID_VFS_STRING_DATA AECHAR * AECHAR s[]; pObj = (const void*)&s[0]; byte data AEEIID_VFS_BYTE_DATA uint8 * uint8 d[]; pObj = (const void*)&d[0]; interface (interface id) IBase ** IBase * p; pObj = (const void*)&p; Note that this call COPIES data from the buffer supplied to internal storage within the addressed Vfs node. SIGNAL type and container nodes have no data that can be set; this call would fail with EBADITEM.