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Items marked as deprecated have been replaced by a more powerful, alternative feature. Deprecated interfaces include a reference to the replacement interface, which should be used for all new application development. Deprecated features are still supported for backward compatibility, but should be avoided when developing new applications.
Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Sets the address of the data buffer of String and Data type nodes.
  • po
    [in] Pointer to the IVfsNode interface object
  • buf
    [in] The new data buffer to be used by the node
   int IVFSNODE_SetDataBuffer(IVfsNode * po,void * buf)
   SUCCESS, or standard error code.
Side Effect
Calling this function on a node that was created with a non-zero size will waste the original buffer memory. Note, however, that the original buffer memory WILL be freed when the node is deleted.
Inline accessor for IVFSNODE_SetProperty(..., NODEPROPERTY_TYPE) Only valid for NODETYPE_STRING and NODETYPE_DATA. Other types return an error.
This provides an alternate mechanism for setting string and data values: create a string or data node of size 0, then call SetDataBuffer with the address of the value to be assigned.
You should always call SetDataBufferSize() immediately after this call. The node DOES NOT take ownership of the buffer, which MUST be freed separately to the destruction of the node.
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