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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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Get the value associated with a parameter either raw buffer or parsed value
If the user asks for raw value, the buffer returned would be of UTF-8
If the user asks for a parse value and the value isn't of a standard type the returned buffer would be AECHAR
  • IvParm
    Pointer to the IvParm interface object.
  • bParsedData
    Indicates whether the user wants a raw value of the buffer or a parsed data
  • nIndex
    The index of the value that has to be retrieved, the index is zero based
  • pdwValue
    Pointer to the value where it will be stored. This is one of the enums.
  • pBuf
    Pointer to the param value if param is from unhandled list or param value is EXTENDED
  • nBufSize
    size of pBuf.
  • pnBufSizeReq
    Required pBuf Size.
   int IvParm_ParseValue(IvParm    *pIvParm,
                         boolean   bParseData,
                         int       nIndex,
                         uint32    *pdwValue,
                         void      *pBuf,
                         int       nBufSize,
                         int       *pnBufSizeReq);
AEE_SUCCESS : If the function was able to fill the value. AEE_EBADPARM : If either pdwValue or pnBufSizeReq is NULL AEE_EFAILED : Otherwise.
Side Effect
While returning buffers, if user passes in a valid pBuf pointer but not of complete size to hold the complete buffer we fill in as much as we can, and update the pnBufSizeReq with the actual size required and return the value as AEE_SUCCESS
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