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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IWidget IWidget_SetProperty()
This function is used to start or stop an image widget's animation sequence, as specified by the 'bAnim' parameter. If the image contains a sequence of frames, they will be displayed, one after another, in sequential order, with the current animation rate observed between frames.
  • pif
    [in] Pointer to the IWidget object.
  • bAnim
    [in] Specifies whether or not the widget should start or stop its animation sequence. Pass TRUE to start the animation, FALSE to stop.
   int IWidget_Animate(IWidget *pif, boolean bAnim)
   AEE_SUCCESS - If the widget was able to set the property, PROP_ANIMATE, to the
                 value of 'bAnim'.
   AEE_EFAILED - If the request was not handled by the widget framework.
Side Effect
Calling IWidget_Animate() causes the image widget to be redrawn.
The animation sequence cannot be paused. That is, each time IWidget_Animate() is called the frame sequence resets itself to the first frame in the animation sequence.
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