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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function is used to retrieve widget properties that are stored as pointers to more complex data structures such as model interfaces or font records. For example, the PROP_VIEWMODEL property is stored as a pointer to a view model interface. This pointer would be the value copied into the function's 'pp' parameter if IWidget_GetPropPtr() is called with PROP_VIEWMODEL as the requested property. The function will return AEE_SUCCESS or AEE_EFAILED depending on whether or not the widget was able to retrieve the requested property.
Pointer to the IWidget interface object.
Identifies the property to be retrieved.
A pointer to a pointer that provides reference to the actual property data. For example, a request for a widget's PROP_FONT property would pass back a pointer to an IFont pointer, with that pointer pointing to the font information used by the widget.
  •    int IWidget_GetPropPtr(IWidget *pif, uint16 wProp, void **pp); 
  • AEE_SUCCESS : If the widget is able to retrieve the requested property. AEE_EFAILED : If the property could not be retrieved.
    The value of the requested pointer property is returned in 'pp'.
Side Effect
  • None
Widgets may possess any number of properties, as defined in AEEWidgetProperties.h, and include attributes such as color, border width, shadowing, etc. Examples of widget properties stored as a pointer to more complex data include PROP_FONT, PROP_VIEWMODEL and many others.