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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function allows application to provide an IDisplay to be wrapped by the widget. Once IDisplay is provided by the applications to the widget, all the call to IDisplay_Update will not result in immediate screen update, but rather, they will happen on an off-screen bitmap which, will then be blitted to the screen later.
  • pif
    Pointer to the IWidget Interface Object
  • piDisplay
    IDisplay* to be wrapped.
   int IWidget_SetDisplay(IWidget *pif, IDisplay *piDisplay);
   AEE_SUCCESS:    If the widget is able to wrap the piDisplay.
   ENOMEMORY:      If there is not enough memory to create offscreen bitmap.
   AEE_EFAILED:    If the property could not be set.

Required Model: IViewModel
Model Data: The DisplayWidget relies on a view model that it simply uses as a conduit for sending focus changed events to listening objects.
Side Effect
Call to this function manipulates the destination bitmap of the IDisplay. So, care should be taken by the applications not to modify the destination bitmap further e.g. by calling IDisplay_SetDestination(). Also, if the application had previously stored a pointer to the destination bitmap, it will have to get it again by calling IDisplay_GetDestination().
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