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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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IWidget Interface IWidget_SetInputMode() AEECLSID_TextController
This function is used set the desired input mode on a widget. The input mode may be used to determine which virtual keypad to use and which key layout to use within the keypad.
This property has slightly different meaning when used on a widget that makes use of the virtual input, and when used on a virtual input widget. Refer to the table below for sample useage.
For example, a text widget receiving this property would look at bAutoLayout first. If that value it TRUE it will rely on its internal input mode value when setting up the virtual keypad. If the value of bAutoLayout is false, it will use the layout data from the nInputMode parameter instead. Note: this does not affect the widget's internal input mode, it is specifically for setting up the virtual keypad. When the text widget is ready to bring up the virtual keypad, it will call SetVirtualInputMode on the keypad with bAutoLayout set to FALSE and nInput set to the previously determined layout value.
A virtual keypad receing this property would also look at bAutoLayout first. If that value is set to TRUE, it will attempt to query the target widget's input mode via IWidget_GetInputMode(). If bAutoLayout is false, it will rely on the value specified in the nInputMode parameter to determine which layout to use. If the virtual keypad does not recognize the received input mode, it will use it's own default.
See AEECLSID_TextController for possible values of the input modes.
Pointer to the IWidget interface object.
Disable/Enabled auto determination of needed layout
Desired input mode (only relevant if bAutoLayout is false)
  •    AEEResult IWidget_SetVirtualInputLayoutMode(IWidget *pif, boolean bAutoLayout, uint32 nInputMode)
  •    AEE_SUCCESS      --  The value was set successfully
       AEE_EFAILED      --  The value could not be set.
Side Effect
  • None
The input mode's purpose is to display the proper keypad. For example an input mode as (english | keyboard) would display a qwerty keypad while (numbers | multitap) would display a 12-key keypad. The actual input method display is completely dependent on the modes supported by the virtual keypad widget of choice.