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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This structure describes the attributes of a virtual memory region.
  • ulVAStart   : The starting virtual address of the region.
  • dwSize      : The max. size (in bytes) for this region
  • nPerms      : Access permissions granted to the region. A region
                     may have read-only (MEMACCESS_RONLY), write-only
                     (MEMACCESS_WONLY), or read-write (MEMACCESS_RWRIT).
                     In addition to access permissions, a shareable region
                     has MEMACCESS_SHARE enabled. A shareable region that
                     may be mapped in the address space of only one process
                     at any given time has MEMACCESS_EXCL enabled.
  • nFlags      : Caching and physical address contiguity flags.
                     If the region is contiguous in physical memory
                     space, MEMREGION_ANYCONTPA is set. If the region
                     is not cacheable, then MEMREGION_NOCACHE is set.
  •    typedef struct MemRegionInfo {
          uint32 ulVAStart;
          uint32 dwSize;
          int    nPerms;
          int    nFlags;
       } MemRegionInfo;