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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This section lists the set of errors returned from the MLicense APIs, the codes associated with the errors, and descriptions of the errors.
MLicense error codes:
  • Error                         Code        Description
    AEEML_OLD_FILE_VERSION        0x039bea00  Version of file held by client is stale. Generated
                                              when a client attempts to commit a .BLF file that
                                              has been updated in the interim. The client must
                                              then re-acquire (re-read) the file, and perform
                                              the Commit operation again.
    AEEML_BAD_FILE_HMAC           0x039bea01  HMAC over file contents fails. The .BLF file
                                              is not valid & therefore not usable.
    AEEML_BLF_EXISTS_FOR_MIF      0x039bea02  A .BLF file already exists for this MIF. This
                                              error is typically generated when a MIF with
                                              a tail (& license) is found, but a .BLF file
                                              for the MIF already exists. In this case, BREW
                                              forces removal of the MIF tail. 
    AEEML_BLF_NOT_OPEN            0x039bea03  An attempt has been made to read/write a .BLF
                                              without first opening
    AEEML_BLF_NO_EXISTS           0x039bea04  Attempt has been made to read a file that does 
                                              not exist.
    AEEML_PROP_NOT_FOUND          0x039bea05  The requested property was not found. 
    AEEML_INVALID_PROP_ID         0x039bea06  Property IDs range from 0x0000 to 0xFFFF. Any
                                              supplied property ID outside this range is invalid.
    AEEML_BAD_BLF_FILE            0x039bea07  Malformed blf file. Typically this error is thrown
                                              if the .BLF file is smaller than the size of the
                                              basic license. This should never occur under normal
    AEEML_CONST_BLF_FILE          0x039bea08  BLF File is "const". This is not allowed, since this would
                                              not allow BREW to make any modifications to the file. 
    AEEML_READ_ONLY_BLF_FILE      0x039bea09  BLF File is R/O. This is not allowed, since this would
                                              not allow BREW to make any modifications to the file. 
    AEEML_BAD_PATH                0x039bea0A  Supplied path is bad. 
    AEEML_DEVICE_KEY_FILENAME_ERR 0x039bea0B  Error generating a device key filename