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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
  •    Network error code equals the base NET_ERROR_BASE(0x200) plus the code from the
    Error                   Code                    Description
    AEE_NET_SUCCESS         0                       successful operation
    AEE_NET_ERROR           -1                      unsuccessful operation
    AEE_NET_EEOF            1                       end of file
    AEE_NET_EBADF           2                       Invalid socket descriptor
    AEE_NET_EFAULT          3                       Invalid buffer or argument
    AEE_NET_EWOULDBLOCK     4                       Operation would block
    AEE_NET_EAFNOSUPPORT    5                       Address family not supported
    AEE_NET_EPROTOTYPE      6                       Wrong protocol for socket type
    AEE_NET_ESOCKNOSUPPORT  7                       Socket parameter not supportedL
    AEE_NET_EPROTONOSUPPORT 8                       Protocol not supported
    AEE_NET_EMFILE          9                       No more sockets available for opening
    AEE_NET_EOPNOTSUPP      10                      Operation not supported
    AEE_NET_EADDRINUSE      11                      Address already in use
    AEE_NET_EADDRREQ        12                      Destination address required
    AEE_NET_EINPROGRESS     13                      Connection establishment in progress
    AEE_NET_EISCONN         14                      Connection already established
    AEE_NET_EIPADDRCHANGED  15                      IP address changed, causing TCP reset
    AEE_NET_ENOTCONN        16                      socket not connected
    AEE_NET_ECONNREFUSED    17                      Connection attempt refused
    AEE_NET_ETIMEDOUT       18                      Connection attempt timed out
    AEE_NET_ECONNRESET      19                      Connection reset
    AEE_NET_ECONNABORTED    20                      Connection aborted
    AEE_NET_EPIPE           21                      Broken pipe
    AEE_NET_ENETDOWN        22                      Network subsystem unavailable
    AEE_NET_EMAPP           23                      no more applications available
    AEE_NET_EBADAPP         24                      Invalid application ID
    AEE_NET_SOCKEXIST       25                      there are existing sockets
    AEE_NET_EINVAL          26                      invalid operation
    AEE_NET_EMSGSIZE        27                      message too long
    AEE_NET_EBADOPTNAME     28                      bad option name
    AEE_NET_EBADOPTLEN      29                      bad option len
    AEE_NET_EBADOPTVAL      30                      bad option val
    AEE_NET_ENOMEM          31                      out of memory
    AEE_NET_ESHUTDOWN       32                      connection shutdown
    AEE_NET_EURGENTFAILED   33                      urgent sendto failed
    AEE_NET_ENOPROTOOPT     34                      the option is unknown at the level indicated
    AEE_NET_ENOBUFS         35                      system lacking sufficiant buffer space