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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

This is a notification mask that allows applications to register for SMS message of a specific TeleService ID. To construct the actual 32-bit mask to be used in the MIF for the registration, the upper 16 bits of the mask must contain the TeleService ID value and the lower 16 bits must contain the value 0x0004 (which corresponds to NMASK_TAPI_SMS_TS). For ex: To register for a message with TS ID: 0x1002, the 32-mask should be: 0x10020004 Applications can register for multiple messages by creating the 32-mask for each message. For ex: to register for messages with TS IS: 1002 and 1003, the application must register two separate masks: 0x10020004 and 0x10030004.
When the SMS message of this TS ID is received by the system, the application is notified through the EVT_NOTIFY event. The dwParam of this event is of type AEENotify. The pData member in the AEENotify Structure is of type AEESMSMsg. This structure contains detailed information about the message.
Just like in any Brew notification, the contents of dwParam are valid only when EVT_NOTIFY is being handled. If apps need to remember the data even after the app has finished handling this event, a copy must be made by the app.
  • #define NMASK_TAPI_SMS_TS     0x0004