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Brew MP 1.0.2
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INETMGR_OnEvent() NetMgrEvent.
This data type is the prototype for a Network event callback function. It is called when networking events occur on a socket or the network after you register for events with the INETMGR_OnEvent() function.
  • pUser:  User-specific data.
  • evt:    The Event that triggered this callback.
  • dwData: Data passed by caller depending on the evt that caused the callback.
  •    typedef void (*PFNNETMGREVENT)(void* pUser, NetMgrEvent evt, uint32 dwData)
dwData have a different meaning depending on the value of evt. These are given below in the order evt: dwData. In the case of NE_SO_CLOSING and NE_SO_CLOSED, the ISocket pointer no longer refers to a valid ISocket and may not be dereferenced. It may be used as a value for searching a list or other tasks.