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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This is the prototype for a Network event callback function. It is called when networking events occur after the application has registered for events using INetwork_OnEvent().
  • pUser : User-specific data passed to INetwork_OnEvent upon registration for the event specified by nEvent.
  • nEvent: The type of event (NETWORK_EVENT_*) that triggered this callback.
  •   typedef void (*PFNNETWORKEVENT)(void * pUser, int nEvent);
NETWORK_EVENT_IP: The application can call INetwork_GetMyIPAddrs to get the new IP address. NETWORK_EVENT_STATE:The application can call INetwork_NetStatus to query the new status of the data network connection for the network. NETWORK_EVENT_QOS_AWARE_UNAWARE: The application can call INetwork_IsQoSAware to query the new QoS network system type (Aware/Unaware). NETWORK_EVENT_IDLE: The network connection is open and idle - no open sockets exist. NETWORK_EVENT_MTPD: Mobile Terminated Packet Data (MTPD) notifications are intended for clients that need to be notified about situations where a network service (PUSH service) should be contacted. When receiving the MTPD event, the client needs to continue the packet data session initialization by using sockets for data communications. For example, when a client receives the MTPD event, the client may: - Create an ISockPort instance. - Call ISockPort_SelectNetwork() with the same network type selected by the INetwork instance. - Call ISockPort_OpenEx() to open the socket. - Connect to a specific network server by calling ISockPort_Connect(). Supported Networks: Currently only the UMTS network. NETWORK_EVENT_IPV6_PRIVACY_ADDR: The application can call INetwork_GetIPv6PrivAddrInfo to query the IPv6 private address information. NETWORK_EVENT_OUTAGE: The application can call INetwork_GetOutageInfo to query the outage information. NETWORK_EVENT_QOS_PROFILES_CHANGED: The application can call INetwork_GetSupportedQoSProfiles to query the QoS profiles that are now supported. NETWORK_EVENT_IPV6_PREFIX_UPDATE: The application can call INetwork_GetIPv6PrefixUpdateEvtInfo to query the IPv6 Prefix Update event information. NETWORK_EVENT_BEARER_TECH_CHANGED: The application can call INetwork_GetBearerTechnology to query the new bearer technology.