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Brew MP 1.0.2
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- IValueModel_SetValue()
This type definition specifies the prototype for the function pointer used to free the storage occupied by the data stored in the value model. The value model allows objects to attach themselves to data of some arbitrary size and structure -- for example, a single byte boolean value, an integer, or even a complex data structure containing pointers to blocks of private storage. Functions of type PFNVALUEFREE allow value models to free the memory occupied by the model's data, regardless of the complexity of the structure. For example, a binary data structure that contains fields of "deep" memory allocation could free each of the allocated blocks when it comes time to dispose of the value model's data.
  • pData:  A pointer to the data stored in the value model.
  •     typedef void (*PFNVALUEFREE)(void *pData);
Value models typically free the data associated with the model when a new value is set, or when the final instance of the value model interface is released.