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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
Implementation of the pim_IMessageStore and pim_IRecordStore interface. This class returns a pim_IRecordStore object in its QueryInterface() if pim_AEEIID_IRecordStore is queried. Clients can then treat messages and folders as different octet sequences and use the pim_IRecordStore API to access and modify the store, and to observe the message store change notification.

To combine the OTA message part and the message attribute string of a message into one octet sequence, we introduce the following record types:
// What follows is the message attribute string part of a message #define pim_MessageStore_RECORD_TYPE_MSG_ATTR_STR 0
// What follows is the OTA message part of a message #define pim_MessageStore_RECORD_TYPE_MSG 1
// What follows is folder attribute string #define pim_MessageStore_RECORD_TYPE_FOLDER_ATTR_STR 2
and store the message in pim_IRecordStore with the following format:
Folder attribute string will be stored in pim_IRecordStore with:
The first 4 bytes store the record type; the next 4 bytes store the length, followed by the content of attribute string or message.