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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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This method returns the number of children in the IContactsRecord subtree identified by the specified key. The caller passes in the subtree path it's interested in and this routine returns the number of children nodes.
If the caller wants to count the number the top-level fields, a key of "/" should be specified. Otherwise, the caller might pass in "/email/" as the key to see how many email fields exist in the record, or "/email/1/" to count the subfields of the first email in the record.
  •    int pim_IContactsRecord_GetNumChildren(
          pim_IContactsRecord *pif,
          const char *key,
          int *numChildren);
  • AEE_SUCCESS on success
    AEE_EBADITEM if the requested field subtree does not exist
    AEE_EUNSUPPORTED if the operation isn't supported by the implementation
    Error code otherwise
Side Effect
  • None
The result returned from this call can be used to iterate over the fields using pim_IContactsRecord_GetChildName().