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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Folder attributes are stored in a NULL-terminated, name-value pair, x-www-form-urlencoded string having the form:
key1=value1;key2=value2;key3=value3; ...
where keyN and valueN are case sensitive and have been URL escape encoded according to RFC2396. Each key is expected to be unique in the string. The order of attributes in the string can be arbitrary.
The following folder attribute keys are supported: name: Key for the folder name attribute. The value is a UTF8 string. "ROOT" is reserved for root folder name. No user-defined folder (if supported) allows to have the same name as those pre-defined folder names reserved by implementation.
parentID: The key for the attribute that identifies the parent folder of the specified folder. Note that the root folder is the only folder that has the parentID equal to its folderID.
flags: Key for the attribute for boolean folder flags.

The flags attribute's value contains a list of comma separated boolean flags (currently we only support one flag): PROTECTED: If present, indicates the folder can't be deleted. User-defined folders if supported are always deletable, so this flag is ignored and stripped out.
The absence of a flag in the comma separated list indicates the opposite meaning of the flag. For example, the absence of the PROTECTED indicates the folder is deletable.

For example: name=INBOX;parentID=0;flags=PROTECTED;
Additional attributes can be added by OEM and applications can use pim_IMessageStore_GetSupportedFolderAttrs() to find all the supported attributes.