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Brew MP 1.0.2
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OnChange action types.
These values are used with the OnChange method to specify what operation to monitor.
When accessing a shared record store for reading or writing, the caller would first register a signal with pim_IRecordStore_Action_Readable or pim_IRecordStore_Action_Writeable action types, then execute APIs that read or write to the record store. If the API fails with an AEE_EWOULDBLOCK error, the caller would wait for the registered signal to get set before retrying the API.
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Add         Signal fires when a new record is 
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Delete      Signal fires when a record is deleted
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Update      Signal fires whan an existing record 
                                       is updated
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Commit      Signal fires when a change of any kind 
                                       (add, delete or update) occurs in the 
                                       record store.
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Writeable   Signal fires whan record store becomes 
   pim_IRecordStore_Action_Readable    Signal fires whan record store becomes 
  •    typedef int pim_IRecordStore_ActionType;
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Add 1
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Delete 2
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Update 3
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Commit 4
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Writeable 5
       #define pim_IRecordStore_Action_Readable 6