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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
pim_IRecordStore_GetChangesSince() pim_IRecordStore Error Codes
This function retrieves the record with the given ID from the given device. Note that a record id is only unique per device.
  •    AEEResult pim_IRecordStore_GetRecord(pim_IRecordStore* _pif, 
                                            pim_IRecordStore_RecordID ID, 
                                            int Offset, 
                                            unsigned char* Entry, 
                                            int EntryLen, 
                                            int* EntryLenReq)
  • AEE_SUCCESS if successful.
    pim_IRecordStore_EINVALIDRECID if invalid Record ID is passed in.
    AEE_EWOULDBLOCK if the record store is blocked from reading a record.
    AEE_EPRIVLEVEL if privileges are insufficient for this operation.
    Error code otherwise
Side Effect
  • None
Not all class implementations may support partial record retrieval. If a class implementation supports partial record retrieval, it will return the record beginning at Offset and upto the size of provided Entry buffer. Applications should consult EntryLenReq to find out if more data is present for the record.