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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- Model Events - ModelEvent - IWidget_ReleaseCapture
This data type extends the base model event to include release reason why widget capture was released. It is sent to registered objects when root touch controller releases capture mode.
This event is sent with the EVT_MDL_RELEASE_CAPTURE view model notification.
  • base:             The base model event, which identifies the event code and provides
                         the object with the listener it had previously registered with the
                         model framework.
  • nReleaseReason:   Indicates reason why capture mode was released.
  •    typedef struct {
          ModelEvent base;
          int        nReleaseReason;
       } ReleaseCaptureEvent;
The release reason may be one of the following CAPTURE_RELEASED_UNDEFINED: Sent when a widget release its own capture using IWidget_SetCapture(piw, FALSE); CAPTURE_RELEASED_BY_RC_ON_PTRUP: Sent when root touch controller forcefully releases capture on EVT_POINTER_UP. CAPTURE_RELEASED_ON_THRESHOLD_VERTICAL: Sent when a widget releases capture based on a vertical threshold during pointer stream. CAPTURE_RELEASED_ON_THRESHOLD_HORIZONTAL: Sent when a widget releases capture based on a horizontal threshold during pointer stream.