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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
This structure is used to configure and create the request message. It can be implemented as an array of RequestFields structs each holding information for one data type.
typedef struct RequestFields RequestFields; struct RequestFields { char sns_DataType[32]; char sns_Attribute[32]; char sns_Operator[32]; char sns_SystemAttribute[32]; int32 sns_value; char sns_value_char[32]; };
Members char sns_DataType[32]: This represents the Datatype string (eg: ISensorUtil_DATA_TYPE_ACCELX) for which the data is requested.
char sns_Attribute[32]: This represents the Attribute(if applicable) (eg: ISensorUtil_ATTRIBUTE_FREQUENCY) string corresponding to the Datatype.
char sns_Operator[32]: This represents the operator(if applicable) (eg: ISensorUtil_CONDITION_GT) used to specify the condition.
char sns_SystemAttribute[32]: This represents the system attributes (if applicable) (eg: ISensorUtil_SYSTEM_ATTRIBUTE_SYS) that is to be requested.
int32 sns_value: This represents the value(if applicable) to which the attribute is set to.
char sns_value_char[32]: If the input value is a character (eg: "on" or "off", the sns_value_char field should be used to represent the input.
Comments If a request command specifying multiple data types or attributes is desired, then an array of RequestFields structures should be created.