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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This structure is used by widgets that display text to describe all the parameters that are neccessary to scroll text.
  • nScrollAmount : Amount of pixels to scroll on each step.
  • nScrollDelay  : Amount of time (in milliseconds) that should elapse between
                       each successive scroll step.  The smaller this value, the
                       smoother the scroll, at a tradeoff of increased processing
  • nStartDelay   : Amount of time (in milliseconds) that should elapse between
                       the initial notification to the text widget that it should
                       scroll and the begin of the actual scrolling.  This time
                       is also used between successive repetitions of the scroll
                       (should those be specified).
  • nEndDelay     : Amount of time (in milliseconds) that should elapse before
                       a given scroll sequence ends.
  • nRepeat       : Number of times the scroll should repeat.  For example,
                       a value of one would run the scroll once and then terminate.
                       As a special case, a value of zero will repeat the scroll
  • typedef struct {
       uint16      nScrollAmount;
       uint16      nScrollDelay;
       uint16      nStartDelay;
       uint16      nEndDelay;
       uint16      nRepeat;
    } ScrollText;
It is recommended you interact with this structure through the SetScrollText function because it will automatically pack up the data for you and report any error conditions.