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Brew MP 1.0.2
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PFNSELECT IForm_SetSelectHandler()
This data type defines a single selection handler object, containing both a callback function and a pointer to private data that will be passed into the callback routine each time the selection handler is invoked. Specialized forms such as the list form and popup menu form support the notion of item selection -- list items, in the case of the list form, menu items in the case of the popup menu form. Applications that create forms based on these types of specialized forms may hook into the item selection events to perform any processing unique to the needs of that form. For example, a form that wishes to perform its own processing in response to a menu item selection could register a selection handler that will be called each time the user makes a menu selection.
  • pfn:  The callback function that the forms framework will call when an item selection
             takes place.
  • pv:   Pointer to the private data defined by and returned to the form registering the
             selection handler.  The data pointer will be passed to the selection handler each
             time the 'pfn' routine is called.
  •    typedef struct SelectHandler {
         PFNSELECT  pfn;
         void *     pv;
      } SelectHandler;