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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ISHELL_CreateInstance() ISignal
This class provides an implementation of the tapi_IServingNetworks interface, which allows applications to get information about current serving networks and a mechanism to notify an application on any change in network information.
The following is an example of using tapi_IServingNetworks to register for changes in serving system information, and to get the details of WLAN network information when available.
   nRet = ISHELL_CreateInstance(pIShell, tapi_AEECLSID_ServingNetworks, (void **) &piServingNetworks);
   // Check return value, handle errors...

   nRet = tapi_IServingNetworks_OnSrvInfoChange(piServingNetworks, piSignal);
   // Check return value, handle errors...

A function associated with a signal can get WLAN network information in following way:
   // Retrieve the available number of networks
   nRet = tapi_IServingNetworks_GetSrvNetworks(piServingNetworks, NULL, 0, &nAvailNw);
   // Check return value, handle errors...
   if(0 == nAvailNw){
   nNwInfoLen = sizeof(AEETNwInfo) * nAvailNw;
   pNwInfo = MALLOC(nNwInfoLen);
   // Check return value, handle errors...

   nRet = tapi_IServingNetworks_GetSrvNetworks(piServingNetworks, pNwInfo, nNwInfoLen , &nAvailNw);
   // Check return value, handle errors...
   bFound = FALSE;
   for(i =0; isysMode){
         bFound = TRUE;
   if(FALSE == bFound){
      return; //No Wlan network found
   // Set union descriptor prior to use
   tapiSrvInfo._d = tapi_SYS_MODE_WLAN;
   nRet = tapi_IServingNetworks_GetNetworkInfo(piServingNetworks, pNwInfo[i]->nwid , tapiSrvInfo);
   // Check return value, handle errors...
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