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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Define a structure that describe detailed information for GSM/WCDMA network
  • gwSrvStatus      : indicate service status of the system CS and PS both.
  • gwCSSrvStatus    : indicate CS service status, eg. used to indicate when gwSrvStatus is 
                          tapi_SRV_STATUS_SRV i.e full service but device is in process
                          of acquiring CS service (due to some reason) then gwCSSrvSatus will
  • gwPSSrvStatus    : indicate PS service status, not being update now will be always 
  • gwSysMode        : system mode
  • gwSrvDomain      : service domain registered on the system
  • gwSrvCapability  : system's service capability
  • gwSRamStatus     : indicate current roaming status
  • nRssi            : RSSI in positive dBm i.e. 75 means -75dBm. The range for
  • GSM/WCDMA: -105 to -60 dBm
  • plmn             : GSM/WCDMA specific system ID
  • gwSimState       : Current state of the SIM
  • bPlmnForbidden   : Indicates whether the PLMN is forbidden
  • bGPRSPlmnForbidden : Indicates that currently phone is camped on a PLMN 
                            which cannot give PS service due to  subscription. 
                            i.e. indicates whether the PLMN is forbidden for PS.
  • gwCSBarredStatus : Indicates the Cell access limitation in CS Domain.
  • gwPSBarredStatus : Indicates the Cell access limitation in PS Domain.
  • mmInformation    : Mobility management information, i.e. network name, date,
                          time and time zone of registered network
  • bCcsSupported    : is concurrent services supported.
    } tapi_GWInfo;
  •    typedef struct
          tapi_SrvStatus      gwSrvStatus;
          tapi_SrvStatus      gwCSSrvStatus;
          tapi_SrvStatus      gwPSSrvStatus;
          tapi_SysMode        gwSysMode;
          tapi_SrvDomain      gwSrvDomain;
          tapi_SrvCapability  gwSrvCapability;
          tapi_RoamStatus     gwSRamStatus;
          int                 nRssi;
          tapi_PLMNID         plmn;
          tapi_SIMState       gwSimState;
          boolean             bPlmnForbidden;
          boolean             bGPRSPlmnForbidden;
          tapi_MMASCellAccessStatus gwCSBarredStatus;
          tapi_MMASCellAccessStatus gwPSBarredStatus;
          tapi_MMInfo         mmInformation;
          boolean             bCcsSupported;
       } tapi_GWInfo;