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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Definition of a structure that contains the currently registered network's
mobility management information (i.e. network's name, date, time and
time zone). All fields in this structure are optional. If the
"available" flag is true, then the corresponding data field contains
valid information. If the "available" flag is false, then the
corresponding data field should be ignored.

  • plmn                  : plmn identity of the network
  • fullName              : full name of the network
  • shortName             : short name of the network
  • mmTimeAndZone         : universal time and time zone information from network.
  • mmTimeZone            : time zone is an offset from Universal time 
    (i.e. difference between local time and Universal time)
    in increments of 15 minutes. time zone is compensated
    for day light savings time. (see daylight_saving_adj)
  • mmLSAIdentity         : Localized Service Area identity
  • dayLightSavingAdj     : Duration in minutes by which daylight saving adjustment need
    to make.
    daylight savings is already built into the time_zone.
    To obtain the actual time zone, subtract the daylight savings
  •    typedef struct {
          boolean                           bPlmn;
          boolean                           bFullName;
          boolean                           bShortName;
          boolean                           bTimeAndTimeZone;
          boolean                           bTimeZone;
          boolean                           bLSAIdentity;
          boolean                           bDaylightSavingAdj;
          tapi_PLMNID                       plmn;
          tapi_NWName                       fullName;
          tapi_NWName                       shortName;
          tapi_TimeAndZone                  mmTimeAndZone;
          tapi_TimeZone                     mmTimeZone;
          tapi_LSAIdentity                  mmLSAIdentity;
          tapi_DayLightAdj                  dayLightSavingAdj;
       } tapi_MMInfo;