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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2

TAPIStatus is used in ITAPI_GetStatus() to get the current TAPI status on the phone. This is also sent as dwParam member of the EVT_NOTIFY event when applications have registered for TAPI Status notifications (NMASK_TAPI_STATUS).
  • szMobileID: For CDMA networks represents 15-byte mobile number
                   which consists of the following
  • state: Current phone State. This is an enum of type AEEPhoneState
  • bData: Indicates if the phone is in a data call.
  • bDigital: Indicates if the phone is in digital service.
    bRoaming; Indicates if the phone is in a roaming state.
  • bCallEnded: This flag indicates if this notification was sent as part of a call-end. This flag 
       is useful when applications have registered to be notified with updated TAPIStatus information 
       on any changes. 
    bE911CallbackMode; Indicates if phone is in the E911 callback mode.
  • bRestricted: This member is not used.
  • bRegistered: System registration accomplished; set to TRUE if not applicable.
  • bDormancy:   The network fully supports dormancy; FALSE is not applicable.
  • bHDRMode: Air link is in HDR (or 1xEv) mode.
  • bAirplaneMode : Where the RF receiver and transmitter on the phone are turned off.
  • typedef struct
       char           szMobileID[MOBILE_ID_LEN + 1];   
       AEEPhoneState  state;                           
       flg            bData:1;                         
       flg            bDigital:1;                      
       flg            bRoaming:1;                      
       flg            bCallEnded:1;                    
       flg            bE911CallbackMode:1;             
       flg            bRestricted:1;
       flg            bRegistered:1;
       flg            bDormancy:1;
       flg            bHDRMode:1;
       flg            bAirplaneMode:1;
    } TAPIStatus;