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Transition Interface and Class IDs

Items marked as deprecated have been replaced by a more powerful, alternative feature. Deprecated interfaces include a reference to the replacement interface, which should be used for all new application development. Deprecated features are still supported for backward compatibility, but should be avoided when developing new applications.
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Brew MP 1.0.2
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ISHELL_CreateInstance ITransition
Each object in the widget framework is identified by a unique interface ID. These IDs are used throughout the framework to distinguish between the various object and interface types, such as containers and widgets.
The transition interface and its implementation classes support a base interface and the creation of class object instances. Instances of these class objects -- the fader and the mover -- may be created by calling ISHELL_CreateInstance() and passing in the desired class id of the object.
The interfaces and class IDs used to identify the transition interface and its associated implementation classes are defined below.
Identifier          Definition
----------          -----------------------------------
AEEIID_TRANSITION   Identifies the popup menu form interface.
AEECLSID_FADER      Identifies the class ID of the popup form.
AEECLSID_MOVER      Identifies the class ID of the popup menu form.
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