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Brew MP 1.0.2
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This function initializes the properties of a fader transitions. It sets the widget directly, and uses a descriptor to quickly initialize the custom parameters of the transition. An application using a fader transition should init the fader after creating an instance of the object.
  • piTrans
    Pointer to a Transition2_Fader object
  • piWidget
    Pointer to the widget that will be the target of fader transitions.
  • start
    Specifies the initial transparency value
  • end
    Specifies the final transparency value transition.
   Transition2Fader_Init(ITransition2 *piTrans, IWidget * piWidget, uint8 start, uint8 end);
Side Effect
   start:  This field contains the transparency factor that will be applied to 
            the wrapped object at the beginning of its fade transition.  When
            the fader transition begins, the object will be redrawn at this 
            level of transparency, then gradually fade until the 'end' 
            transparency level is reached.  A value of 0 for 'start' would 
            produce a fully opaque object. A value of 255 renders the object 
            completely transparent.
   end:    This field contains the final transparency level for the object to 
            be faded at the conclusion of the fadeout effect.  The fade effect
            begins with a transparency level of 'start' and gradually increases  
            until the 'end' value is reached. 
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