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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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- Model Events - ModelEvent
The virtual input framework makes use of this event to relate to the app and/or target widget about the current input status. Listening to this notification is necessary for properly dealing with user input, as there is no other communication between a virtual keypad and the target widget.

This event is sent with the EVT_MDL_VIRTUALINPUT_STATUS_CHANGE view model notification.
  • base:          The base model event, which identifies the event code and provides
                      the object with the listener it had previously registered with the
                      model framework.
  • nStatus:       Current status of the virtual input
  •    typedef struct {
          ModelEvent base;
          int        nStatus;
       } VirtualInputStatusEvent;
The input status may be one of the following VIRTUALINPUT_STATUS_OPEN: Sent when the virtual keypad will be displayed on screen. Applications may listen to this event to reorganize the app's layout in order to ensure the proper fields are still visible when the keypad is displayed. VIRTUALINPUT_STATUS_ACCEPT: Sent when the user presses the "complete" or "accept" button of the virtual keypad. When receiving this event, the target widget should attempt to retrieve the user's input from the virtual keypad. VIRTUALINPUT_STATUS_CANCEL: Sent when the user presses the "cancel" key on the virtual keypad. The target widget should ignore the user's input from the virtual keypad. VIRTUALINPUT_STATUS_MOVE: Sent when the user changes fields while the keypad is already displayed. The previous target widget may either accept the current input or ignore it, depending on wanted behavior.