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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
See Also
- Constraint Types - ConstraintElem - Constraint - IConstraintContainer_SetConstraint() - IConstraintContainer_GetConstraint()
This data type defines special attributes for any widget that is to be managed by a constraint container. These attributes identify whether or not the widget should be factored into the container's layout calculations and -- if it should -- how the widget will be constrained by other objects when it is laid out in the container.
  • constraint:  Specifies how the widget should be laid out in the container as a complete
                    set of constraint points, each defining an element of constraint for one of
                    the widget's edges.
  • bVisible:    Boolean value specifying whether or not this widget should be displayed.
                    If the widget is not displayed, it is also not factored into layout
                    calculations for the container.  For example, say you have 3 widgets in a
                    constraint container, and the first and third widgets are visible, but the
                    second is not visible.  If the third widget has a constraint type based on
                    the previous widget (e.g. CONSTRAINT_PREV_BOTTOM), then it will use the
                    first widget's position to calculate its relative position, and not the
                    second widget's position because the second widget is not visible.
  •    typedef struct {
          Constraint  constraint;
          boolean     bVisible;
       } WidgetConstraint;