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Brew MP 1.0.2
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IWidget_SetPropEx IWidget_GetPropEx

This structure is used by widget extended properties (i.e. evt WDG_SETPROPERTY, wParam PROP_EX). One of the purposes of a structure of this nature is to allow for easier remoting of non-integer arguments, such as strings.
  • nPropId    : The extended property to use
  • nSize      : The size of the data.
  • pUser      : The data associated with the property.
  • typedef struct {
       AEECLSID nPropId;
       int      nSize;
       void     *pUser;
    } WidgetPropEx;
It is recommended you interact with this structure through the IWidget_(Set|Get)PropEx functions or one of the many other helper functions that provide access to widget properties because they will automatically pack up the data for you and report any error conditions.