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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Basic certificate information.
  • uTrustOverrideID   :  an integer ID for use with trust override records.
  • uSigAlgID          :  the type of signature used to sign the cert. (not the type of key in the cert).
  • uStartValidity     :  the start date of the cert in GPS time.
  • uEndValidity       :  the expiration date in GPS time.
  • Key                :  the key in the cert.
  • uVersion           :  the version of the cert. Value 2 means version 3.
  •    typedef struct X509BasicCert
          uint32        uTrustOverrideID;
          uint32        uSigAlgID; 
          uint32        uStartValidity;
          uint32        uEndValidity;
          X509RSAKey    Key;
          uint8         uVersion;
       } X509BasicCert;
This is about 40 bytes so it can go on the stack. It includes all the fields in the cert that are small.