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Brew Release
Brew MP 1.0.2
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IX509CHAIN_GetFieldPart X509PartRequest X509BasicCert X509RSAKey
Gives the result of getting a certificate part.
  • uLength         : the length of the part.
  • pcValue         : pointer to actual part, persists as long as IX509Chain.
  • pcRawOID        : points to unparsed OID starting with the type OID.
  • uASNOID         : parsed value of OID if we know it. See ASNOID defines.
  • bCriticality    : for v3 extensions only, TRUE if they are critical.
  • uASN1Type       : the data type of the value from AEEASN1OIDs.h (e.g., ASN1_PRINTABLE_STRING_TYPE).
  • uRDNIndex       : in a DN this counts the RDN's. If the part was found in the first RDN, this is 0.This is always 0 for extensions.
  • nNumInstances   : the number of instances of this OID in this field.
  •    typedef struct X509CertPart
          unsigned int uLength;  
          const uint8 *pcValue;  
          const uint8 *pcRawOID;
          uint32       uASNOID;
          boolean      bCriticallity; 
          uint8        uASN1Type;
          uint8        uRDNIndex;
          int          nNumInstances;
       } X509CertPart;
This is about 20 bytes so it can go on the stack. This is used to point to either parts of a DN (distinguished name) or to an X.509 v3 extension. Although semantically unrelated, representing and fetching them are similar.