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Brew MP 1.0.2
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Structure to specify extension that consists of a set of integer values. These values may be 16 or 32bit. Typical usage includes specifying sets of carrier IDs or OEM IDs.
This is the "header" part of the struct used by the caller for specifying sets of values.The actual values lie outside this struct.
  • uLen : length of the remainder of the data, excluding this field.
  • uOIDLen : length of the pcOID array in bytes.
  • nASNOID : the ASNOID.
  •    typedef PACKED struct X509IntegerSet
          uint16       uLen;
          uint16       uOIDLen;
          int32        nASNOID;
       } X509IntegerSet;
This header is followed by a raw OID with the length specified by uOIDLen. Immediately following the OID is integer set data. We use the MSB of uOIDLen to indicate whether the set is encoded as an array of 16 or 32 bit values. If this bit is set, it means that the set that follows consists of 32bit values. If, after the MSB is stripped, uOIDLen is greater than 0, the OID that immediately follows the data is used to match the OID in the certificate. If it is 0, nASNOID is used instead. The first value in the integer set data specifies the number of ranges in the set. It is followed by pairs of values, where each pair specifies an inclusive range. All the remaining values specify individual items in the set. For example, the following array of integers: 2,0,10,12,14 is interpreted as: 0-10, 12, 14 which means that the set consisted of 0 through 10 as well as 12 and 14.