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API Reference


Data storage on a mobile device, such as call history, personal contacts, data storage cards, database connectivity and SQL, calendars, and timezone information.

Call History

Brew MP supports the ICallHistory interface to interact with the device call history log.


Several of Brew MP's databases are built using DBC including those for contact management. The contacts databases support internal flash memory based contacts as well as 2G SIM/RUIM and 3G USIM based contacts. Instead of exposing the schema directly to developers, the platform includes APIs that support an SQL-like query language. Primary support is for the device's internal Flash file system database for main contact storage, and developers can add custom fields and groups to extend the database. The platform also works with ADN, FDN and ECC card-based contact databases for SIM/RUIM/USIM.


To make it easy to build multimedia applications without the headache of creating the entire infrastructure, Gallery indexes content in internal file system locations (including fs:/shared, MCF directories by default) and removable media devices, then caches an SQL database of the metadata on the files in those locations. It synchronizes the database with all files currently found in the requested locations, storing standard information (name, date/time, size), media information (artist, album, title, etc.) and DRM information for each file.


This database provides apps with standard, static information on time zones for clock and calendar apps, including localized descriptive names for timezones, latitude and longitude, offsets from UTC and begin/end of Daylight Saving Time.