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API Reference


Managing the hardware of a mobile device, such as battery, camera, position determination, FM radio, joysticks, and flip-phones.


With Brew MP, developers can control the device backlight(s) - enabled/disabled, primary/secondary/keypad - and set levels of brightness.


With Brew MP, developers can monitor power status by querying the battery, the battery charger and registering for notification of changes in battery level/status, charger status, or external power status.


Brew MP includes interfaces for determining flip/rotation/slide movements on x-, y-, and z-axes of a device with multiple articulations.


Brew MP includes support for interacting with USB Human Interface Devices such as mice, joysticks, and other gaming controllers with multiple axes, buttons and 3-axis positional information.


Joystick events are delivered as standard Brew MP events with x,y position, with the additional capability of getting/setting sampling frequency and inactivity timer.

Position Determination - GPS

For apps dependent on global positioning, the platform allows configuration of GPS engine in standalone, mobile-assisted, and mobile-based GPS modes; access to GPS information, such as latitude, longitude and altitude, including probability measurement; and retrieval of cell-/sector-based location information such as country code, network and system ID, base station ID and base station latitude and longitude.


The platform includes a generic interface for communicating with a number of sensor driver implementations, as a protocol operating over a port connection in serial mode. The current protocol definition encompasses accelerometers, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, compasses, pedometers (virtual sensor) and gyroscopes as both one-shot and auto-generated (repeated) data.


Brew MP apps can take over the USB port and connect the device to a PC for custom communication with the app. Eventually, multiple apps will be able to use USB for different things at the same time and coexist on complex USB devices.