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Audio and visual content, including downloadable games and music, image and video files.

Content Management

Provides interfaces to access and control media content.

Image Control

Brew MP includes software decoders for many common image formats including JPG, GIF, BMP, and PNG, as well as the Brew Compressed Image (BCI) format. Provided decoders convert from standard image formats (JPG, GIF and PNG) into a bitmap.


The media player framework supports a variety of audio - including advanced audio effects - video and animation formats through the IMedia interface. Supported codecs and features vary by chipset platform, so Brew MP exposes these hardware capabilities. Brew MP has two modes of playback: direct mode, in which the decoder draws directly to the display for highest performance; and frame-callback mode, where the decoder returns media frames to the application for rich UI compositing (at the expense of a slight performance penalty). Audio playback offers environment control for simulated 3D / positional audio using multiple sources.

Vocoder Control

Brew MP supports application access to the inline vocoders in the chipset that are used to transcode voice for over-the-air transmission, and capture and play back vocoder frames.