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25 Apr 12
Defines the Brew MP APIs that are included in BL1.
4 Jun 12
Defines the Brew MP APIs that are included in BL2.
29 Sep 11
Lists Brew MP terms and acronyms with definitions.
17 Dec 10
Provides reference information about Make.d.


13 Apr 12
Guides you through installing the tools, setting up the work environment, writing a basic Hello World application and debugging in the Simulator for all available tools and workflows including Visual Studio, Eclipse, command line, and Flash.

Technology Guide

15 May 12
Learn best practices for programming design and implementation to get the best performance out of Brew Mobile Platform.
9 Apr 10
Describes what's different, what's deprecated, and what's new, as well as the three types of migration and backward compatibility information.
24 Apr 12
Describes key programming concepts for writing Brew MP applications including Brew MP architecture, coding, key APIs, special Brew MP application files, banned APIs, Families, and where to find more information.

How To

27 Jul 11
Describes the contents of the package and how applications can use the Verizon fonts with Brew MP, as well as how to install and use the package.