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Technology Guide

8 Jun 11
Brew MP includes several MMS APIs that expose the following capabilities for use in MMS client applications: viewing MMS messages, sending and receiving MMS transactions, monitoring MMS transactions, and application directed MMS.
9 Sep 11
Learn to work with the Brew MP standardized and nonprivileged smartcard interface to interact with SIM, CSIM, RUIM, USIM and ISIM types of smart cards.
10 Jun 11
Learn to work with Telephony technology, including the ITelephone, IPhoneCtl, ISuppsTrans, IPhoneNotifier, tapi_IAccount, tapi_IAccountMgr, tapi_IServingNetworks1, ICallMgr, and ICall interfaces.

How To

12 Feb 10
Learn how to use the Brew MP SMS interfaces in applications.