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Building the Brew MP Toolset Source Kit

Base version:

Toolset Source Kit 7.12.3

Document number:

HT80-VT500-228 Rev. B

Date published:

May 31, 2012

The source code for the Brew® Mobile Platform (Brew MP™) Tools is provided in the Toolset Source Kit, which can be downloaded from the page on the Brew MP website. This document provides information on the software required to build the tools, configuration, and using the build files to build all of the Brew MP tools or a single tool.

Required software

The following software is required to build the tools:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • NAnt 0.85 or newer

    Note: If you install NAnt on a Windows 7 system, the files extracted from the NAnt ZIP file may be blocked. You can unblock a file as follows:

    1. Right-click on the file and select Properties.
    2. Click Unblock, then click OK.

  • Brew MP SDK version 7.12.3 or newer
  • Brew MP Platform Pro 1.0.3 or newer

    The required header files are in the platform\system\inc\obsolete folder.

  • The following software is required to build the Visual Studio Plugin source:

    • Visual Studio 2005
    • Visual Studio 2008
    • Visual Studio 2010 (with Microsoft Office Developer Tools)
    • Visual Studio 2005 SDK
    • Visual Studio 2008 SDK
    • Visual Studio 2010 SDK

    Note: The Visual Studio SDKs are a separate download.

    To build Resource Localization, an Excel plugin, Microsoft Excel must be installed.

    To build the Test Controller, the Qt 4.8.1 libraries are required. The Qt libraries are available from and are expected to be in the C:\Qt\4.8.1 directory.


    The following steps are required to configure your environment:

    • Set the BREWMP_BUILD_TOOLS environment variable to point to the Source Kit directory:
    • Create a nant.bat file in the c:\Windows directory that contains the following:
      @echo off
      C:\<path_to_nant>\Nant.exe %*
    • Set the QTDIR environment variable to the directory containing the Qt libraries, C:\Qt\4.8.1.