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Preparing your item for testing

Getting your item ready for third-party testing involves making sure your item’s functionality is sound, and the package you provide to Intertek contains all the files required for the tester to validate your item.

Self-testing your item and documenting the functionality and limitations is a critical part of the item distribution process. Outside of developing your item, this is where you spend most of your time getting ready to distribute your item to the commercial channels you are targeting.

Before self-testing your item

Successful testing involves effectively developing your item. Before you can test your item, make sure you:

  • Download the appropriate SDK and toolset.
  • Review Brew® testing and commercialization documentation provided in the SDK.
  • Develop the item. If you develop an application that uses an extension, develop the extension or download the commercially available extension.

Self-testing your item

Verify you have what you need to complete your self-testing. If your item supports multiple devices, be ready to document unique functionality and limitations per device.

  • Test the item on the simulator or device.
  • Complete the Item Specification Template to reflect all device functionality and self test (completed test plan) for each device you want your item to support.

Note: Not all commercial channels require documentation. Refer to the Opportunities database ( for the commercial channel you are targeting.

  • (Optional) Generate supplemental content (user or operator documentation, marketing material).
  • Package the item.
  • (Optional) Validate the package.