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Item Specification Template guidelines

The Item Specification Template must be part of the item package you upload on the Intertek web site.

This document is intended to provide a complete picture of your item and device-specific information. If certain device behaviors differ within the same section, list each device behavior. The more information you enter in each section, the better the tester understands how your item is supposed to work and interact with each device.

Update the Item Specification Template with every item upgrade you submit. Document any new functionality or feature, or explain how you resolved an error found during a previous testing cycle.

The test plan contains references back to the Item Specification Template. These are key areas the tester depends on for complete instructions or relevant information (expected behavior). If this information cannot be found within the Item Specification Template, you run the risk of having your item fail or cancel due to lack of documentation. This can be very frustrating. Review the test plan, note all sections that refer to the Item Specification Template, and ensure those sections are filled out completely and accurately.