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Open Catalog program FAQs

Common questions regarding the Open Catalog program follow.

How does Verizon Wireless' Open Catalog program help developers gain access to the Verizon Media Store?

With the Open Catalog program, developers are given unprecedented access to the Verizon catalog. The intent is to stimulate the current base of Brew developers and attract new ones who haven’t traditionally taken advantage of the opportunity represented by Brew® and Brew MP™ devices. The Open Catalog program is an extension of the Verizon Media Store, giving developers the chance to reach consumers outside of the premium catalog. Verizon is monitoring the Open Catalog for successful applications, offering some developers the option to have their applications included in the premium catalog.

What is the market potential for developers who submit applications to the Open Catalog?

Applications submitted to the Open Catalog are available to any consumer using a Brew or Brew MP device, which currently represents approximately 56 million Verizon subscribers. This is an excellent opportunity for developers to reach their target consumers with applications and services.

Will Open Catalog eventually support other application types beyond Brew and Brew MP?

The Open Catalog program was created specifically to drive the growth and availability of Brew applications. The focus is to create a more open and easy way for developers to bring content to these devices.

How are testing and other costs for Open Catalog different than the premium catalog?

The biggest difference in costs to developers is that there are no device minimums for Open Catalog, so developers only need to support the devices that make sense for their business. For developers who aren’t already authenticated Brew developers, there is a one-time $99 fee, and testing costs are $40 per build for all developers. The approval process has also been reduced to 12-18 days, down from 25-30 days.

How do users find Open Catalog applications?

While Verizon is not actively promoting the applications within the Open Catalog, it does provide an excellent opportunity for developers who already know and communicate with their target audience. You can advertise and promote applications directly to consumers. Users can browse the “more apps” folder in each sub-category of the Verizon Media Store (, and the applications are fully searchable on-deck and via the Verizon Media Store.

How does the submission process differ between Open Catalog and the premium catalog?

Developers continue to submit applications through the Brew Development Center at the Verizon Developer Community (VDC) portal ( Verizon’s Content Programming notifies developers directly if the application has been accepted for the Open Catalog and/or the premium catalog. After being notified, the developer is prompted to follow the authentication and testing process for either the Open Catalog or premium catalog.