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Preinstall price method example

Operators can request preinstall item packages and instruct OEMs to preinstall them on devices.

The following rules apply to preinstalled items and their price plans:

  • A preinstalled item can be upgraded, restored after a device disable, or downloaded again to extend application usage through the Application Download Server/Catalog services.
  • The preinstalled price method can use any price basis but can have only one price point.
  • There is no operator list price associated with a preinstalled item; however, a non-zero DAP is allowed.
  • Preinstall transactions are subject to billing services which may include operator minimums.
  • Preinstalled items cannot be offered for subscription or demonstration. These are independent price methods.
  • A preinstalled item can be configured to send an acknowledgment to the Brew® Delivery System upon launch of MobileShop® or upon launch of the item.

An example of a preinstalled pricing method follows. In the example, the price basis is Expiration Date.

Attributes Price point 1
Value Jan 1, 2011
DAP $0.00