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Guidelines for Passed with Notes test status

When an item receives a Passed with Notes status, it contains some minor errors, but they have a low probability of occurrence or do not impact the subscriber experience.

This status gives developers and commercial channels more flexibility in getting an application to market. Commercial channels can consider applications presenting a strong potential even if they have minor errors that do not alter their robustness and usability.

Impact to item quality

Passed with Notes has no impact on the quality of your commercialized items for the following reasons:

  • Intertek’s test requirements are seen as extremely thorough by our commercial channel and developer community.
  • Only minor errors as described in the table below qualify for the Passed with Notes status. Qualcomm works closely with Intertek (through updated training, audits, and daily support) to verify all errors are correctly classified and do not negatively impact the subscriber experience.

Resolving minor errors when resubmitting an item

Qualcomm strongly suggests that developers fix all Passed with Notes errors discovered by Intertek before resubmitting an application. When minor errors qualify for the Passed with Notes status, the test plan and email notification sent to developers states that commercial channels may not accept the next version of the item if it exhibits the same errors.

Minor errors considered

The concept of minor errors is scenario-based; for example, an error is minor in regard to a particular item and a particular scenario through the item. As a result, minor error categories cannot be defined in absolute terms, and the following categories may appear too broad and high-level. However, they will make sense in the context of a particular item and a particular scenario, as described in the test plan you receive. Consider the following categories as broad buckets allowing you to get a feel for the types of errors that fall under True Brew Test Passed with Notes status. The category list is not intended to be exhaustive.

Note: Intertek does its best to quantify the probability of a documented failure’s occurrence and tries to reproduce any errors/issues on additional devices when possible.

Minor error testing scenarios

Scenario How it's handled by Intertek
Secondary features do not function as defined in the Item Specification Template Intertek tester documents in the test plan the secondary features are missing or non-functional, and explains why the main functionality of the item is not affected. For example, a golf game is supposed to give the subscriber access to an "undo" menu item to undo the previous move. Though this function is defined in the Item Specification Template, the menu item is not accesible from the game. This option is not considered primary functionality and does not impact the ability to play the game.
Exhibits minor errors not related to the application Intertek tester may notice an issue occurring across all applications on a particular device or on a particular version of Brew. Even though the error may be triggered in the application, it may be due to a device or Brew layer issue. If it has low probability of occurrence, the issue is described in the non-item related error section of the test plan.
UI errors that do not impact usability This includes an application that fails the Clear key requirement under certain scenarios, or that has other minor UI errors not impacting usability. For example, a ringtone player application has a secondary configuration screen that does not repaint correctly on a small portion of the screen. The displayed information is still readable.
Reset under rare circumstances Intertek tester documents in the test plan the exact scenario that triggers the rest, and estimates the probability of occurrence. For example, a platform game resets when two events occur simultaneously: the player's high score is being stored in a file, and there is an incoming SMS message which suspends the application. The tester takes into account that the window of opportunity is on the order of a few milliseconds (during file write) and this does not affect the main functionality of the game.