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Item test results

If the item passes the Entrance Criteria specified in the test plan, the third-party test house continues testing the item against the remaining sections. When testing completes, the test results are evaluated and include the errors that are detected during testing.

If the item fails the Entrance Criteria testing, the item submission is canceled, and an email is sent to the developer. The email only includes a list of the major and minor errors, including any issues found in the Entrance Criteria testing. The developer must resolve the major errors before resubmitting the item to the third-party Test House. A canceled item will incur an appropriate resubmission fee when it is resubmitted

When item testing completes, the test results—in particular, the errors detected during testing—are evaluated. Based on the analysis, an item falls into one of the following categories:

Item meets all test requirements. No errors are detected. Issues that do not fail the test plan may still be reported.
Passed with notes (PWN)
Item meets all test requirements with minor errors that are noted. Errors that are passed with notes have a low probability of occurrence, have minimal impact on the end user experience, or both.
Item does not meet test requirements. The following subsection provides more information on criteria that causes an item to fail. Minor errors which are Passed with Notes are noted in the detailed PDF report

Note: The testing process does not provide exhaustive testing of all functionality. For example, if an application has multiple levels of play, the tester is asked to test on as many different types of screens/functionalities as possible during the allotted time.