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Building the tools

The top-level directory of the source kit contains the file, which can be used to build all the tools in the source kit except for Test Controller. For instructions on building Test Controller, see Building Test Controller.

To build all the tools specified in the build file, do the following:

  1. Run the Windows command prompt (cmd.exe) as administrator.

    Note: The build will produce a large number of output messages that will quickly scroll off the screen. To be able to review all these messages and check for errors, it is recommended that you change the height of the Screen Buffer Size for the command prompt window to a large number, such as 3000. If the number of messages exceeds the height of the screen buffer, the messages that scroll off the top will be lost.

  2. In the command prompt window, change the directory to the Brew MP Tools Source Kit directory.
  3. Enter the following command to build the debug version of the common libraries and utilities:
    nant build.common /D:Configuration=Debug

    Note: This step must be done before running the build command; some tools require files from the debug version of common.

  4. Enter the nant command to build the tools. For example:
    nant build /D:Configuration=Debug
  5. Check for errors.

    If build errors occur, see Troubleshooting tips.